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Happy Easter!!
Happy Memorial Day
Happy New Year
Man & Woman Situation
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Your Not Too Young To Have Your Own Independence
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Have you ever worked with a professional nutritionalconsultant or weight loss specialist? It’s increasingly common, as peoplerealize how easy it is to gain weight over time, and how difficult it can be tolose it─safely and permanently. So tough, in fact, that many Americansgrasp at fad diets and dubious products making impossible claims in a desperateattempt to shed the pounds that can literally weigh down your life in terms ofoverall health and happiness. If they only worked!

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day with family and friends. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while in the military service. It also marks the start of the summer vacation season. We hope all will have a great long weekend.    Happy Memorial Day!!

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!!So Glad That we all had the opportunity to see another holy one.

Happy New Year

Hi Everyone,

from the staff at Babygirlindependent.com 

We would like to wish you all a Happy and Enchanting New year!!

God'd Richest Blessings

Modeling, The Journey

Modeling is a hobby that really plays a big part in Shanna-lee's life. Its the way I express my feelings and thoughts, through the fashions I wear during this event or the make up I put on. If I were to get the opportunity to go model in Italy I would take it.
Once up on a time, I had put my trust in an agency that was known to the entire country as one of the best agencies around.

Man & Woman Situation

Hello my people,   i have a little something i would like to hear your views on.
"Ladies/Men, you see a certain someone looking at you a certain way each day. That look that you know if you looked on a guy/girl like that you know it means something else, something that says i really like you alot, Your in a relationship!" 
What would you do?
Would you say something?
Would you look that way back?
Would you just ignore what you saw?

This Is Me

My first 3 years of high school was awsome!  I had a great life........ or that's what i thought.  I had a great mom, great dad, went to a great school, nice teacher more like a teachers' pet, it was great.     Then came 10th......then 11th grade, mom started to become unimportant in my school life then in my personal life.